Field Experience Tools

At UMBC, we strive for teacher candidates to enter the classroom as leaders and innovators. Our field experiences are designed to help new teachers be successful in the classroom for many years.

Secondary Education field experiences prior to internship (“Early Field Experiences”) occur in

  • EDUC 310 Inquiry into Education
  • EDUC 311 Psychological Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 388/678 Inclusion and Instruction/Instructional Strategies for Students with Special Needs
  • EDUC 412/602 Analysis of Teaching and Learning/Instructional Systems Development

The internship is a full year with Phase I in the fall and Phase II in the spring. Phase I occurs in tandem with EDUC 426/628 Mathematics in the Secondary School/Instructional Strategies for Teaching Mathematics. Phase II is the full time student teaching experience.

During the internship, teacher candidates will be observed several times by their field experience supervisor and classroom mentor teacher.

  • Internship Activities and Outcomes for Supervisors, Mentor Teachers, and Interns [2022-23 Coming Soon!]

Interns are expected to submit lesson plans to their mentor teachers at least two business days in advance of the lesson. Lesson plans should be approved by the mentor teacher prior to submission to the supervisor, which should occur at least one business day in advance of the lesson. In Phase II, interns should have a unit plan for all lessons, and at least a general lesson outline for at least two lessons beyond the one they are teaching on any given day.

The UMBC lesson plan templates are designed to support the learning of the lesson planning process. Intern lesson plans should include all information in the UMBC templates, regardless of whether the UMBC, district, or school lesson plan template is used.

  • UMBC Unit and Lesson Plan Templates
    • Unit Plan [Coming Soon!] 
    • Daily
    • Formal
    • Lesson Plan Template for EdTPA [Coming Soon!] 

Supervisors and mentor teachers may find the Observation Feedback Form useful for providing interns with complete and helpful support throughout the internship.